Welcome to maxCode.online – my tech journal

Not a big surprise, I am just another techie who writes a blog about – well – tech stuff.

As I have been doing programming and working with many different programming languages and frameworks, it’s inevitable that some, which get used less, just simply fade.

I mean the syntax.

This is why I tried a couple of tricks to make them stick, with more or less success.

Mainly less…

Tested and used Evernote, Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote – they all serve the same purpose and helped me a bit to keep track of my studies of programming languages, but I was never 100% happy. So there we go, let’s get back to the basics and write a blog style tech journal, that may help others as well.

It’s certainly another trial to make some kind of a structured and well searchable information dump in different technologies. Make no mistake,

I have high hopes that this blog will provide aid to other, like-minded technology fans as well.

Happy coding.